Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Merr-Hee Christmas!

Okay, I'm super late for Christmas, but I didn't have my blog until January! This is a fun piece though, and I can't wait until December to upload it.

Disney artist T. Hee appears to have taken some time out of his animating (it's written on what appears to be thin animation paper) to make a very long Christmas card list for himself. I love the sketch on the side of what, I assume, was the design for his Christmas card that year (undated). It is also great fun to see the names of so many great artists and people including Frank Thomas, Bud Swift, Roy Disney, Bill Peed, and even Fred Moore's brother-in-law in Lancaster (whomever he may be!). Also of note is his misspelling of Ollie Johnston's name.
I know my Christmas card list every year is no where near as fun as his was.

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