Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gone Hollywood!

First thing's first... Happy 53rd Birthday, Disneyland!!! Back in my OC days, I would make my pilgrimage to The Happiest Place on Earth every July 17... when I wasn't already there working it, that is. It was my thing, and even though I celebrate from afar now, I still try to do a little something commemorative on this day. Some might call me a dork, others (especially those equally into the Disney thing as I am) know far better!

All right, that out of the way, I have a decidedly un-Disneyland post for everyone today. I was just flipping through my large collection of vintage magazines the other day and came across this! It never ceases to amaze me how big of an impact Disney had on film back then. There have been so many times I've unexpectedly come across a great article on something Disney related in Photoplay, which is exactly what happened this time. One of my favorite Disney shorts, being my love of all things old Hollywood, I adore all the caricatures in this film and was stoked to find someone giving props to it with a full layout.

I have left the scans LARGE so everyone can read the fine print under each of the photos. Happy reading!