Friday, September 03, 2010

Pieces of the Mural

Seriously. What’s going on with  me? 3 blog posts in the span of a week?! How can this be? Will it keep up? Time will tell. However! I have a post to go with an old post today, which I was inspired to put up since I found photos of my chunks of Mary Blair (which sounds morbid, but I promise it’s not!).

My long time readers might recall a post, which you can find here, detailing the sad destruction, or possibly partial destruction of the fantastic Mary Blair mural in Tomorrowland.

I’m not certain if much of the mural remains, but I know that portions of the destroyed pieces were auctioned off. A friend of mine bought said chunks as a birthday present for me… which, in thinking about it, would be such a bad present for anyone who was not so marinated in Disney as I… and, being a huge Mary Blair fan, I thought they were pretty darn cool! Let’s hope they’re legit. I’ve never heard anything to the contrary about them. Blog 027

As you can see, they’re relatively thick, seemingly the same thickness as seen in the tiles shown in the photos from my previous post. They’re painted, a bit weathered, but they still have a nice sheen to them. I don’t know what portion of the mural they come from, though I think they probably had residence towards the bottom area.

Here is the backside for anyone interested. Blog 028 It looks like there is some cement or mortar of some sort. I’m not a girl who would know the correct terminology for that. Some goo to make it stick to something else! How about that.

It would please me greatly if they brought the mural back, since they seem to be bringing back everything from our Tomorrowland of the past. Fingers crossed. :) Incidentally, did anyone see the floor in the Mary Blair area of the Walt Disney Family Museum? Fabulous!!! If they made that in rug form, it would be in my house right now!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today’s lucky strike

Quick blog post today!

Normally, I’m hyper-organized. Yep, the annoying kind. The everything-in-cute-boxes-and-categorized kind. I have not yet approached the dark side of labeling everything, though. If I were the labeling type, (and I probably would be if I had a labeler) I probably would not have placed this guy where he didn’t belong. Blog 025 But, that said… isn’t it fun to come across things you forgot you owned!? Especially Disney stuff, right? Who’s with me!?  

I love the art on this matchbook. Simple lines and easy shapes create a whimsical and retro feel that perfectly illustrates the hotel at the time. Blog 024



I am no Disneyland Hotel aficionado, so if anyone out there  can date this little guy for me, do speak up. :) I believe I found it in my mom’s old stuff, so I’m assuming late 60’s?? The design strikes me as older, though.

Wishing a happy Friday to all of my readers!