Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Look Back: 1959 Family Films

I tried to find something Disney related that went with Halloween, but alas, I found nothing unusual enough to post. So I look to tomorrow, November 1st. I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who finds it insane that there are only two more months left of 2007. Craziness!! I don't know what 2008 holds for the Disney company, but one thing I do know... the films will not be as sweet as they were in 1959.
This beautiful, colorful, highly charming ad is from the December 1958 issue of Life magazine. It gives you a happy look ahead to what the Disney company had in store for everyone in the coming year. Does it get more fun than Sleeping Beauty and Darby O'Gill? I'm inclined to think not. The storytelling in the films from this general time period in Disney history is so spot on. It's rare to find anything of its kind in our modern times. And when I say storytelling, I mean it's as it is in a storybook. I'm not talking brilliant cinematic film writing here. I'm talking about that feeling you had as a kid reading your favorite tales. The charming, unforgettable, warm, inviting kind of storytelling. And who doesn't like a good shaggy man-dog story?!
Don't even get me started on the art, either. Eyvind Earle's fantastic and inspired background art in Sleeping Beauty is something in itself. Absolutely beautiful. Everything is so realism-driven now, even in animation. You don't see anything like this anymore.
And actors. Sean Connery in Darby O'Gill. Can I get an Amen, ladies out there?!?! (Do I even have female readers? If you're out there, yell. Sometimes I think men are the only ones who comment on my blog.) Okay, perhaps that's more eye candy than his most brilliant piece of acting, but it will do, and I will not complain.
Yeep, yep, yep. 1959 was a good year.
Happy November, everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gurrmobiles 1957

I admit it... I know nothing about cars. I can drive them and fill them with gas, and one of the proudest days in my life was one in which I changed my own oil (with some help). Yes. I did call everyone I knew to tell them I accomplished this. It was big for me! I'm the type that panics when there is some minor sound and am fairly convinced any oddity means the car is sure to blow up. This is not to say I don't like cars. I love vintage cars! I have always wanted one, and the day I can drop an entirely eco-friendly engine into one sweet convertible that reminds me of the baby blue Sunbeam Grace Kelly drove in "To Catch a Thief" is the day I drive off in green supah-style! But until that day, I enjoy seeing a vintage car here and there. Some of my favorites happen to be in my favorite place- Disneyland.

This is a fun little article from the August 1957 edition of Walt Disney's Magazine. It goes into a little more depth about the antique vehicles than I knew of previously. It seemed that they did kind of the same thing I want to do (in an non eco-friendly way, of course) back in '57. For this brief moment, I will consider myself cool like Bob Gurr. I might even refer to my jaunty little dream car as a Tinkmobile.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Vanity Fair, October 1933

Here is a great piece from this month, back in 1933. The one thing that I don't like about it, is that the article is so TINY!! So much shorter than the accompanying pieces in the magazine. However, it's a great photo of Walt and some over sized Mickeys. I have always loved vintage Hollywood photography, and this is a great example of that. I have included the easier to read version of the minuscule write-up for your convenience.

In other news, I have launched a new website based on my art. For those who have visited the old site, thank you! I have received some lovely feedback from very great people. I hope those who visit the new site will enjoy all of its upgrades. I welcome any feedback! Simply click over to "My Art" on my links column, or click here...

Happy weekend, everyone!