Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just for Fun!

Now, I'm not specifically into the Magic Kingdom as much as Disneyland; not that there is a problem with it at all, but for me it lacks Walt. It's just my thing having grown up in The OC and having been a Disneyland CM. It's my pad. But every so often a fun WDW file will pop up on YouTube.
I found this one a few weeks ago and loved it. Why? Because it's JULIE ANDREWS! As a child I was absolutely obsessed with watching Mary Poppins and it did not get cooler than she did. My poor, poor family had to sit through it literally hundreds of times I'm sure. So when I can find something that is both Disney and Julie, I know I've hit the jackpot. Enjoy this one! :D

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

California (not DCA) Dreamin'

Good news! The scanner has come back to life, so now I can scan some better things you all can actually read clearly. What fun! :P
So today I bring you a 16 year (scary!) old magazine "Storyboard- The Art of Laughter" issue from Oct/Nov 1991. As I said yesterday, I will be posting some articles from this magazine (and others). Today I bring you one written by Van Arsdale France. I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of his book, which this article advertises, and loved it! I had seen it spoken about so many times in the past and I was very curious to see what the big deal was. It ended up being one of those books I actually didn't want to end. Something about the casual way of his writing makes you feel like you could have stepped into all that went on back in 1954-55 when Disneyland was being built and opened. The excitement, the problems, the solutions, the cramped quarters, even coffee with the next door neighbors still in residence. It's not a time that seems to be written about very often, so I ate it up with a spoon!
I can't say the article is all that informative, but it's rare you ever see anything written by France, so I'm posting it for that reason alone.
Though his book goes for scads on Amazon, since it's out of print, I would recommend everyone who is truly interested in the deeper aspects of Disneyland to get it. I am positive that France wouldn't have thought his book could run for that much money 16 years later.
I regret however, I don't have the next issue of this magazine that continues the story. If anyone out there does, could you please hook a girl up with a scan? ;) Does anyone know if these magazines are still in print?

Where the Wild Things Are

All righty, back to a bit more TSI/ROA! I think one of the thngs I love most about the area is the attention to detail. It could have easily been just simple vegetation, but the animals placed in what appears to be their natural habitats is really beautiful, in my opinion. You truly feel like you're somewhere else, very, very far from Anaheim. To me it's simple, lush yet understated, and so well themed. It's not flashy, doesn't require any E-tickets, and best of all- there's no merchandise store (yet).
Stay tuned throughout the next week or two. I have gone through my stash and found some old, somewhat obscure, yet really interesting articles I'm eager to post. Some interviews and a little Ward Kimball to brighten your day (Such a fun guy!).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Monthly Magic!

All righty, I'll get back to some more TSI posts at another time. Today we take a trip back to many of your own mail boxes in March 1985. I have a large collection of Disney Magazines, and in addition to that, I have several copies of the Disney Channel Magazine. I have been reminiscing about how truly amazing this channel used to be back in its day and thought I would remind some people of it too.

Check out the program line ups. Everything from educational nature programs, to shows highlighting the genius of Disney artists and legends, all the way to films from one of my favorites- Charlie Chaplin. You can't go wrong! A little Mickey Mouse, a little Shirley Temple, and some classic Hollywood films. And don't forget starting each day with Mousercise! You won't find any Raven in these pages. I don't think she was even alive yet.

Take a look at the cool merchandise page. Gotta get one of those nifty, or as we used to say back then "rad" jackets! Although I do admit, I wanted one of those director's chairs back in the day.

I particularly like the bit about how the Disney Channel is listening to their viewers with a little multiple question bit you can clip out and send in. (I am guessing they've gone deaf now.)

(Note: my scanner is newly broken, so I'll have to take any shots of tangible material with my digital camera. I apologize if anything is less than perfect. :D)

Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Beauty of Tom Sawyer Island

Welcome to the first post of my blog, interestingly named, The Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird. There's not much significance to the name, only that I think the Aracuan Bird is one of the most overlooked Disney characters. He's got spunk and energy and always made me laugh as a child. So I dedicate my blog to him.
I visit quite a few blogs, as you may well see from the growing list of excellent blogs to visit at your left. Most pertain to Disney in some kind of way; Disney being a huge passion of mine, both artistically and with its greatest park, the original, Disneyland.
So with this first post, and with many to come, I want to pay a tribute to one of my favorite areas of the park, Tom Sawyer Island. As most people have heard, it's up for some changes. I'm not really supportive of more pirates in the park, so this is my ode to all of TSI's beautiful flora & fauna. I hope most of it remains.
(Most of the TSI photos were taken on my last big photo taking trip, July 17, 2005- Disneyland's proper 50th birthday.)