Saturday, January 27, 2007

Monthly Magic!

All righty, I'll get back to some more TSI posts at another time. Today we take a trip back to many of your own mail boxes in March 1985. I have a large collection of Disney Magazines, and in addition to that, I have several copies of the Disney Channel Magazine. I have been reminiscing about how truly amazing this channel used to be back in its day and thought I would remind some people of it too.

Check out the program line ups. Everything from educational nature programs, to shows highlighting the genius of Disney artists and legends, all the way to films from one of my favorites- Charlie Chaplin. You can't go wrong! A little Mickey Mouse, a little Shirley Temple, and some classic Hollywood films. And don't forget starting each day with Mousercise! You won't find any Raven in these pages. I don't think she was even alive yet.

Take a look at the cool merchandise page. Gotta get one of those nifty, or as we used to say back then "rad" jackets! Although I do admit, I wanted one of those director's chairs back in the day.

I particularly like the bit about how the Disney Channel is listening to their viewers with a little multiple question bit you can clip out and send in. (I am guessing they've gone deaf now.)

(Note: my scanner is newly broken, so I'll have to take any shots of tangible material with my digital camera. I apologize if anything is less than perfect. :D)

Happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

One of the key factors in the magic of Disney for me was the "mix" of non-fiction with fiction, art with science, social awareness with fun stuff, and on and on. Like a good salad, the play of crisp and smooth, tart and sweet, and all mixed together with the pixie dust.
I so would watch the Disney channel if it had what it had then. I so miss the retro-shows that I stumbled across when my daughter was a preschooler back in the late 1980's.

Tinker Bell said...

I couldn't agree more. It was a beautiful cornucopia of entertainment and education. The best channel that ever was, in my mind.
Thanks for commenting! :)