Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to Catch a Cold

I stumbled across this today. Something I personally didn't know existed. So I figured most likely a good percentage of other people probably haven't seen it either. So I'm posting it. Simple as that! :P
But seriously, this is a very nice piece from 1951, sponsored by Kleenex, with some cute Disney animation. Plus it sends a good message: Keep healthy, and most importantly, don't let people sneeze all over your newspaper!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

School's Out!!

Congratulations, kids! School's out! You can put things like the above item away and do as I used to and forget school even exists! So in honor of your summertime freedom, I bring to you this bit of school-related Disneyland merchandise from the past. I really like the stylized 1950's graphics on the front of the case, and personally think that having this in my desk at school would have made the day a whole lot more fun. It does surprise me that the pencils (and really the whole case) are unused. They fit to the box along with the ruler, so I would assume those are original to the piece, but as far as the funny looking eraser and the sharpener, I'm not sure, as they both look used and I cannot see why they would have put a non-Disney character eraser in it. Either way it's a charming little piece of kid merchandise.

Circa 1959

The busy, busy life of Tink. June has been a great month so far, but has left me far too busy to blog. However, today I return with some fun footage I found.
This footage, circa 1959, has a little bit of everything. Some Frontierland that looks so authentic, it nearly had me questioning if it was a real old Western town, or actually Disneyland. There's a nice shot of the Midget Autopia, too. It's really nice footage, and in some sections you can see how parts of Disneyland haven't changed much at all. For me, I love to see that!
Happy weekend everyone!