Saturday, June 23, 2007

School's Out!!

Congratulations, kids! School's out! You can put things like the above item away and do as I used to and forget school even exists! So in honor of your summertime freedom, I bring to you this bit of school-related Disneyland merchandise from the past. I really like the stylized 1950's graphics on the front of the case, and personally think that having this in my desk at school would have made the day a whole lot more fun. It does surprise me that the pencils (and really the whole case) are unused. They fit to the box along with the ruler, so I would assume those are original to the piece, but as far as the funny looking eraser and the sharpener, I'm not sure, as they both look used and I cannot see why they would have put a non-Disney character eraser in it. Either way it's a charming little piece of kid merchandise.

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