Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snow White & the Artists and Others

A family friend of ours, and famous author (we're not name dropping though!), is always going on about "artists and others"; meaning that all humans are divided into these two groupings. Being an artist himself he often sees the difficulties in gaining the understanding of "the others"and experiences their frequent inability to see innovation and comprehend the vast creativity of an artist. I guess it's true in many ways. I know can rattle off several examples of my own, but I find one of the best examples of this theory is Walt Disney; mainly in his two would-be "follies"- Snow White and Disneyland.

I was thinking of this theory and reminded of this article from a Photoplay dated April 1938. In my opinion, it is probably the best vintage spread done on the film in that it is so detailed it actually makes you feel as though you were one of the many artists, so hard at work, creating and dreaming at the Walt Disney Studios. Maybe it escapes many of us now, but at that time, Snow White was really something! A major feat. Any artist would know, especially any who have tried their hand at any of the many complex skills involved in making an animated film.

The theory might very well be true, as all things in life need balance. For all intents and purposes, Walt was the artist, and Roy, the "other". In this case a beautiful balance that produced the things which we all love so dearly. If only we could always find this perfect balance, the world would be quite a different place.

So, for all you "others", (and God bless you, for we definitely couldn't do without you, too!) read on, and I am certain, for just a moment, you'll feel a bit of what it is to be an artist.