Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Dick Van Dyke Post


I’m just surprised as you are, and further surprised by the fact that he has a singing group! This is either well known, or I’m sadly behind.

If you’re interested in seeing Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix (they have an album!!) then mosey over to the Dear Old Hollywood blog for details.

If anyone attends, please tell me all about it! Guest “commentator” blog posting for you if it’s a nice review! :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Unfinished Collection OR a Christmas *hint, hint* to my good friends that read this blog and need a gift idea ;)

I have three of these babies! I’ve seen others, but I’m a lazy shopper. I have some weird blockage that makes me feel guilty buying fun stuff for myself, so they remain at three. But what a cute three they are!! :D Zee front

The “they” I am referring to are miniature plates, sold in the park in what appears to be the late 1950’s by the stamp and lack of foliage happening on the paintings.

As it seems all the early Disneyland collectables are, they’re very well made and in fine condition these 50some years later. The colors are vivid and beautiful, I adore the style of painting and especially the charm they exude.

Each little painting clearly conveys the feeling of each area of the park, and when paired together, is a reminder of just how perfect Disneyland is; so many different lands juxtaposed flawlessly. It’s just about as perfect as perfect gets.

Zee backI will obtain the other plates. This I know. And when I do I will slap ‘em up here on the blog. But do check out the New Orleans triangular miniature plate post (here) as the idea is very similar to these. I wish they would have gone for circular ones, just to complete the set visually.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to another post this week, so if I don’t, I want to wish all my readers a very happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to count your blessings, because each one of us really has so many, even if they appear at times to be hiding. Oh… and eat lots of pie. Mmmmmm, piiiie…

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Reason Why Dick Van Dyke is a Total LEGEND (as if we needed more)

Feeling a little off today? That’s because Dick Van Dyke just out-awesomed all of us. We all knew he was the coolest kind of cool before… I don’t even need to list why… but then he goes and does something like this?

Finish up for the day, folks. There is no more awesomeness to be made. And anyway, it’s Friday. Enjoy your weekend! ;)

hehe! Happy reading!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Little Bit o’ N’awlins! (with a side of silly story)

All right, so every time I see something from New Orleans Square, I’m reminded of Christmas 1997. I was working in the park and there was a campaign going, “Welcome Home for the Holidays!” in which, we were forced to greet every guest with that same phrase.

The management in New Orleans Square was very particular that we would address the area with an “accent” and say N’awlins rather than New Orleans. So, the spiel when working in that area was, “Welcome home to N’awlins!” or “Welcome home to N’awlins for the holidays!” or some such compound. Not really the most natural greeting, but we do what the Mouse commands.

So, being the dutiful cast member, I greeted a guest, with a big Disney smile, and it went something like this:

Me: Welcome home to N’awlins! Happy Holidays!

Guest: (confused expression) I… I don’t live here.

Me: Yes, sir. I know.

Guest: (still confused) I’m from Nebraska.

Me: (not sure how to get out of this one) Well, welcome to Disneyland, sir! Are you enjoying your day here?

Guest: Can you really  live here?

Me: No, sir.

Guest: Then, why did you say, “Welcome home”? What’s Naw-linns?

Me: (ignoring the first question, trying not to say “I have to say it.”) N’awlins is New Orleans Square. Now, how may I help you?

Guest: Why didn’t you just say, “New Orleans Square”? 

Me: (little bit hating on the management at this point) Because that’s how they say it down south, sir. How can I be of assistance to you?

Guest: You know you’re not in the south, right?

Me: (really quite embarrassed at this point) Yes, sir. Proud Californian. What can I do for you?

Guest: (walks away).


Since then, every time I see anything from NOS, I think of that day… which was, by the way, the last time I said that phrase, and henceforth stuck with a simple, yet effective, “Happy Holidays!” I figured Walt would prefer it that way.

Anyway, that was a long introduction for a very small little item, which is seen here. A lil’ beauty from the late 60’s, I believe. Just check out the great color! I am assuming this was to be something similar to join the miniature plates of each of the lands that were produced prior to this (which I should post photos of in my next blog post… note to self), though it’s not round. Either way, I keep them all together and they look mighty perdy. I have to say, the look of the whole thing reminds me of the London Bridge section of “The Truth About Mother Goose”.


Hope y’all are having a mighty fine week! ;)