Friday, June 10, 2011

My Friend Ferdy

I love Ferdinand. Truly. It is one of my all time favorite stories and Disney shorts. It’s simple and beautiful and reminds us all to be in the moment, to be at peace, and to be grateful for all that surrounds us. It is pure, effective, simple, unaffected storytelling in its best form, in my opinion. It’s one of those ideal finds that appeals just as much to adults as it does to children. The perfect Walt discovery.

In honor of that perfect discovery, here is my perfect discovery: Meet Ferdy.

Ferdy sits atop my desk, totally clashing with its Queen Anne style, but I don’t care and neither does he. He is forever gazing at me quite happily with his floral offering, reminding me to take breaks from whatever I’m working on, and to be present and mindful. He also encourages other more enjoyable activities, especially while I pay bills. I always follow him up on his sage advice!



Ferdy dates back to the release of “Ferdinand the Bull” (1938), and is in excellent condition for his age. He has a few cracks in his paint, but otherwise he’s still a dapper fellow. His tail is made of a bunching of satiny type string connected to his backside, which I keep away from bees at all times.

The flower he holds in his mouth is made of pink plastic and is still holding up nicely after all these years. Isn’t he a charmer!?

I’m throwing in his film debut just because it’s a good thing to watch. It’s his gift to you! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Storybook Land in Paint

Pretend you are sailing past the Snow White area of Storybook Land. This is what you would see, more or less, back in 1958 or thereabouts. It’s my newest painting, the second in what is now the Storybook Land Series. It is also the second in my 2011 year of Disney paintings. Have a look! Comments much appreciated… especially the positive ones! hehe!

"Dwarfs' Cottage", by Devyn Samara 2011

“Dwarfs’ Cottage, Storybook Land”, oil on canvas 6” x 8”, by Devyn Samara 2011.