Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today’s lucky strike

Quick blog post today!

Normally, I’m hyper-organized. Yep, the annoying kind. The everything-in-cute-boxes-and-categorized kind. I have not yet approached the dark side of labeling everything, though. If I were the labeling type, (and I probably would be if I had a labeler) I probably would not have placed this guy where he didn’t belong. Blog 025 But, that said… isn’t it fun to come across things you forgot you owned!? Especially Disney stuff, right? Who’s with me!?  

I love the art on this matchbook. Simple lines and easy shapes create a whimsical and retro feel that perfectly illustrates the hotel at the time. Blog 024



I am no Disneyland Hotel aficionado, so if anyone out there  can date this little guy for me, do speak up. :) I believe I found it in my mom’s old stuff, so I’m assuming late 60’s?? The design strikes me as older, though.

Wishing a happy Friday to all of my readers!


sb-illustrations said...

As your blog is, normally, my morning's departure point, it's nice to see you posting again (unlike some of us that had grand plans). Yes, stumbling across Disney stuff is always great fun. Especially if one can remember the trip, & moment the item was purchased or received. While you are trying to date matchbooks, I'm wondering the same, about a stack of Disneyland Hotel ice buckets that are occupying the corner of the drawing table. Three different designs.

Trivia here.....the blog page looks good. My worthless opinion is that the greens work. Cheers!

Tinker Bell said...

Mine is your morning's departure?! Wow! That's so nice!! And thank you! I think the greens work well, too. :)

To be truthful, I don't have too much impetus to blog since I rarely get comments, but since discovering Windows Live Writer, blogging is less of a chore, so I hope to get to it more often... especially if I get more interaction from readers. That's what makes it fun. I'm never entirely sure what people want to see, so comments give me a better hint as to what is enjoyable.

Thank you for taking a moment to comment, and good luck on your ice buckets! If you'd like to send a photo(s), I can pop it up on the blog and see if anyone can help you out. :)

sb-illustrations said...

Consider your blog (for myself) like the "Hub" at Disneyland. From that point, there are lots of ways to go. Also,due to my off centre sense of humour, I have a particular affinity for the Aracuanbird. Besides that frustrated artists need to stick together. Enjoy your weekend!

Tinker Bell said...

That they do! :D A great weekend to you, too!

Major Pepperidge said...

I have seen a similar match book that features the Monorail... I wonder if that means that this match book predates the Monorail station at the hotel? If so that would make it pre-1961.

Nice to see you blogging again!

Tinker Bell said...

Thanks, Major! :) That's a good thought! Keeping that in mind, it would be very reasonable that it's pre-1961. Nice!!