Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Other Holy Grail

I've heard a lot of people criticize Walt's style of drawing. Did he have that professional artistic feel to his drawings? Not exactly. But neither were they pedestrian. Granted, there are few examples of Walt's drawings, but the ones I have seen have a sweet, innocent charm about them that I really love. I've heard many fellow artists say that they try very hard to be able to draw like a child; to take it back decades and try to capture the simplicity of subject that children have the ability to do. I think Walt had that. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't refined, but it certainly made you smile.
Now, the article is not clear how much of this strip Walt had a hand in visually... I'd assume the majority of the drawing is most certainly done by Ub Iwerks, but so much of art is in staging, composition, and all the rough sketches to which I'm very sure Walt had a big hand in. I think his simplicity translates.
Not only is the story cute, but the composition is very nice, too. The drawings are nicely balanced for early comic strips, and there's a lot of action and vitality in them that makes them so eye catching and interesting. If I were a child in the 1930's, I'm certain I would have snatched up the paper each morning and checked out Mickey's newest adventure for the day. How fun that would have been!

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