Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth - Vintage Style!

It's a Disneyland day! Here I found a new file, only recently uploaded, of some one's late 1960s trip to Disneyland.
Check out Tomorrowland back in the day. It's amazing in pictures, but to see it in motion... and there is so much motion!... is something entirely different. Check how everyone actually wants to be there! And folks, this was pre-Space Mountain, so they're lining up for all the other amazing attractions. Imagine that! Pay attention to the theming of the area and the infusion of some seriously killer color in the landscaping for that delicious contrast that is ever so inviting. It literally beckons you to come forth and experience something totally different from the rest of the park. Not quite like the 1998 renovation, when everything was so color coordinated it looked as though designers from "Designed to Sell" came in and attempted to make it an easy sell to buyers with bland taste and limited imaginations. (Coppery brown did not say 'Welcome!') In recent times we have of course seen some of those pukey colors turn back into a bit of the old, but that blue color that they accented things with all over the place has a cold, antiseptic quality that is not scoring too many points with me. Yes, it's unarguably better than before, but not as good as the past; though I still hold high hopes for the future... one day!
I'll end my artistic rant here. ;)
Another thing I like about this footage is the family time. Seeing families together at Disneyland is a beautiful thing. And I especially give it up to Grandma who hauled her cookies around the park with a smile! Please be sure to note Mom's hair. She should have been thankful that, at the time, most of the Mountains were not in place, although I do think her hair could have survived something even nuclear. Knock em dead, Mom!


outsidetheberm said...

This is great footage! Please, we gotta know, WHAT is the fabulous music you have playing with this?

Tinker Bell said...

That's "The Monorail Song". Always loved that piece!

Mikey said...

Hi, this is WEBmikey - I'm the little boy too scared to go in the Haunted Mansion! Just wanted to say I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'm so glad my Dad loved to haul around his 8mm camera back then! And thanks on behalf of my Mom for the hair appreciation. :)

Tinker Bell said...

Awesome WEBmikey! I know we'd love to see more of your 8mm Disneyland footage if you have any! :D