Monday, March 05, 2007

Peter Pan Sweatbox Meeting Notes- Jan. 28, 1941 pt. 1

Being the week of the release of Peter Pan- Platinum Edition, I've decided to post what is one of my favorite Disney possessions. They are sweatbox meeting notes from January 28, 1941. I think the most significant part of this is that you can clearly see how much of this movie is from Walt. His ideas are so clear and it is fascinating to see in these notes just how his mind worked. He does much of the speaking here, and as you will come to find, his thoughts in 1941 came to fruition in many ways over a decade later when the film was released.

*Note: my scanner bed isn't legal-sized unfortunately, so much of the white exterior portions of the scans had to be cut off. All of the dialog is in tact, however.


Brian said...

This is a great blog--thanks! I was wondering if you could post (or fix the link to) the last page of the Photoplay article in your Jekyll/Hyde post from early February. I was hoping to read the end! Again--great work.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I found you through a reference on Mike's Barrier's blog. VERY interesting notes!!!!! Thanks a million for posting them!

Tinker Bell said...

Thank you both for your compliments! :D
Brian, I have posted the last page again for you at the top of the blog. Happy reading!

Thad K said...

Like Eddie, I got this through Mike Barrier.

Thanks loads for sharing this. I'd love to know what else you have!