Monday, January 10, 2011

Aarrrrgghh you ready for more from N’awlins??

You are?!? GOOD!! :) This makes me happy!

What we have here, folks, are two shrunken pirate heads! It could be assumed that they escaped from New Orleans and headed east to hijack a Jungle Cruise launch and this is what became of them. Trader Sam seems to have repurposed them for… something. Sugar bowls, perhaps. They could also be salt and pepper cellars, which I think makes more sense because the area with which to put something in them is quite shallow.

The great thing about these is that there remains a price tag on one of them. I am unsure if they came together as a set, or if each pirate was 50 cents (53 cents with tax!). How fantastic would it be to pick up something this wonderful now for 53 cents?! Pirates Tag

The one disappointment I have with these, much like the Mary Poppins spoon holder I blogged way back when, is that it doesn’t appear that these came with matching spoons of any kind. I’ve seen these before, but never with spoons. What’s the deal? Anyway, that aside, these are wonderful pieces.

Check out the character on them! The faces are so great, in my opinion. So reminiscent of the figures in Pirates of the Caribbean, and yet with all of that classic Marc Davis humor that was present in his sketches of the attraction.

As with most early Disneyland merchandise, the color has remained so beautiful and vibrant on these pieces which were manufactured, I believe, around the time of the attraction’s opening in 1967.

The only thing I think they lack are names. Does anyone have suggestions? :)


sb-illustrations said...

Greetings Miss Tink'.....To put the 53 cent price in perspective, take a look here:

Scroll down the page for the image. You will experience "sticker shock"! I'll look through the Disney Magazine collection for the article mentioned in the write-up.........Cheers

Tinker Bell said...

YEESH!!! $110, per? Though I did realize I neglected to take a photo of the underside. (Looks just like that, folks!)
I vaguely remember them in an article in Disney Magazine. I'll have to grab mine today and have a look!
Thanks for the link! :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, these are amazing! Never seen them before, thanks for sharing.

Tinker Bell said...

You're welcome! Thanks for reading! :)