Monday, December 27, 2010

Mickey, “Charming” as Ever!

Here is something any little 1950’s girl would have been so excited to have. I have never seen one like this before I received it. Well… strike that… I had seen the Mickey-in-the-box portion before, evidently (my friend says, “Yeah! You showed me a photo of it once!” and I said, “Really? Why don’t I remember that??!” I won’t forget it now.), but I’m sure I had no idea what it went to. Now, I know.

Somewhere there was a little girl who really felt like she was a member of the Club when she wore this as it appears to be well-loved. Both Mickey and Jiminy hang off its chain and seem to have been colored originally. You can see traces of paint left on both of them.  Jiminy’s  coat was green, it seems, and his umbrella was red. There is some remaining black paint in the crevices of Mickey’s ears and on his nose as well as a bit of red on his shorts and (oddly) one eye. Mickey apparently was suffering from conjunctivitis.  The paint on the Mickey Mouse Club logo and the boxed Mickey seems to have remained the longest.

Inner Mickey, as we will call him, is mounted on a little spring. You can remove the whole thing from the box, if you wish, but I’m thrilled nobody ever did long enough to misplace him, otherwise I would have been wondering what the significance of the box was and probably assumed maybe it was supposed to represent one of those super fantastic “strong boxes full of Mouseketreasures” you got when you were talented enough to be on a Talent Round-Up Day episode. Lucky kids.  But, lucky me for scoring such a sweet Mouseketeer trinket.

I hope all of my readers had a truly exceptional holiday! Here’s to 2011 being even more wonderful! Thank you for stopping by now and then to read my little retro Disney ramblings. I hope I’ll “see you real soon” in 2011!


sb-illustrations said...

My apologies for being a bit late......Happy New Year to you!!

Tinker Bell said...

Thank you! And to you!! :)

Connie Moreno said...

Wow... what a cool piece of Disney jewelry!