Friday, August 24, 2007

Help me solve "Mary's Medicine Mystery"!

Maybe not as fun as solving mysteries at Disneyland in "Minnie's Moonlit Madness", but it will have to do until next spring, folks!
Mary holds a mystery. Oh yes she does. One that neither myself or anyone else that I have asked (and there have been many) can figure out. It fits all into this cardboard box of confusion!! So I turn to you sensational blog visitors for answers. How on earth do you use this thing?!
First thing's first. I received both the Mary and the spoon together, although I am fairly certain that they were sold separately. Now, I have the original Mary in the box, as you can see, and by all accounts I cannot see that there is a piece missing. It says 1 piece on the box. She fits very snugly in the box, with no room for anything else that I can tell. Please correct me if I'm wrong. That being said...
As evidenced in photo #3, Mary has two indentations in the shape of spoons on either side of her. One is labeled with Tablespoon, and the other with Teaspoon. Handy dandy! Mary also has a little slot, as you can see in photos #4 and #5, for what I can only assume would be part of a spoon.
It would make sense to me if a spoon was supposed to lean against Mary, or sort of clip into that slot portion, only no spoon I have every tried fits to it at all, not even, as far as I can tell without removing it from the original plastic, the Mary spoon pictured. They all fall down. You can lean a spoon up to it if you balance it correctly, but it doesn't come into contact with the slot or the spoon part.
You cannot even fill the built in spoons up with the supposed medicine because it would drip all out the slot portion there onto the ailing. So what's the deal!? Were these types of things common in and before the 60s? I've never seen any other form of this, nor has anyone I've ever asked.
Please help! And if you can't, ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives, or even just get creative. Help me solve Mary's Medicine Mystery!


no-one in particular said...

Greetings........I found the spoons. Try this location:

Anonymous said...
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Matterhorn1959 said...

If I remember correctly, the spoons are not the metal spoons. Rather they are large ceramic spoons that fit in the holes. I think that Tomart's Disneyana Update has a picture of the item with the spoons. The metal spoons were a premium from C and H Sugar (A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down.)

Tinker Bell said...

Oh great! Thanks for the heads up on that, Matterhorn. I'll have to take a look.