Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yes, Virginia... There Was a Contraption

For years I thought I might have been the only person who remembered a little show called "Contraption". It was this great game show from my youth that involved clips from Disney films, trivia, and riding around in these super cool little "contraptions", and getting "contraptiles" to win the game. I loved that show. I wanted to be on that show! So I would question people, when the topic arose, on whether or not they remembered it. The answer, even to Disney Channel devotees, was always a big fat NO. Bummer for me. Countless no's later, and a few "no, but it sounds cool!", I turned my quest for proof of existence to YouTube, and though it took me over a year to find some type of mention of it, some brilliant and wonderful person uploaded an entire show.

I'm confident by the comments left on the video that there are other people out there who have been searching for this, too. I found it a few months ago, but didn't think to put it up on the blog until now, with the whole Disney Channel topic running. So, for those people, here it is! Let's hope other people upload other episodes! (For those of you who checked out the previous post, you will find mention of Contraption in that Disney Channel Magazine.) I'm only posting the first portion. You can link to the other 3 parts by navigating your contraption mobile on over to YouTube.


Anonymous said...

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Major Pepperidge said...

ARG! Delete the spammer! I love those, first they compliment you o how wonderful your blog is (in broken English) and then encourage you to go to their site.

Adam said...

okay, in reading your description I wasn't able to follow what you were talking about in regard to Contraption. Seeing the You Tube clip, however, I was hit with the feeling be sitting in my living room as a little kid endlessly watching the Disney Channel of old. Seeing those plastic pieces being handed out send a wave of nostalgia like never before. Thanks for finding this and keep up the great blog!