Sunday, March 02, 2008

By Request: The Disney Channel Magazine - May 1985 part 2

Here's part two! I hope it's bringing back some memories for all of you.
Have a great week, everyone!


Major Pepperidge said...

These last two posts do bring back a lot of memories. I remember being alternately disappointed in the Disney Channel. Remember "DTV", their version of "MTV"? It drove me crazy, why didn't they just show some of their hundreds of classic cartoon shorts, don't cut 'em up and add pop music. Black and white cartoons were colorized! And the shows aimed at kids made sense, but I can't say I enjoyed them.

What I DID love was "Vault Disney", getting a chance to see some of those original "Disneyland" and "Wonderful World of Color" shows. And even the Mickey Mouse club! And of course some of the less-known Disney live action movies that I was glad I got a chance to see.

Glama Tene said...

Hi Devyn,

I just came across your Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird blog.

I thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed it.

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All the best,

Tinker Bell said...

I concur with you about DTV. It used to annoy me, and I was a kid, so it mustn't have hit home with everyone. I preferred the types of "fillers" with Eric Bordman, who gave you some insight or lesser known info about the parks and studio.
Vault Disney was wonderful, but it was only a sampling of what was always on the channel back in the day. It was like the bone Disney threw us after tampering with the channel. This is not to say I wouldn't chew on that bone again... but I'd like a complete overhaul to resemble the Disney Channel of the past.

Tinker Bell said...

Glama Tene,
Thanks so much for your compliments and for posting my blog on your site. I have done the same for yours. You have a lovely selection of everything Disney on your site! :)

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Sure brought back memories for me. I only wish I had saved those magazines!