Monday, February 13, 2012

The Shopping’s Fine in 1989!

Ahhhh… 1989. It was a good year. I was stoked to be in the “upper grades”, wearing fluorescent colors, and hitting my friends with slap bracelets. Music was all about Michael Jackson, Tiffany, and Debbie Gibson. We were swooning over George Michael and never for one second did we think Milli Vanilli wasn’t actually singing. Politically, the Berlin wall came down and there was protesting in Tiananmen Square. Disney revived animation with the release of The Little Mermaid, Disney’s MGM Studio opened, the third generation of The Mickey Mouse Club debuted, and the best advice anyone could give you was “Don’t worry… be happy”. 1989… Heck yeah!

1989 also had some beautiful Disney art you could collect! Just feast your eyes on this catalog from The Disney Gallery Collection, courtesy of reader Steve “sb-illustrations”. (The copyright is from 1988 but it seems to have been used in 1989.) Inside you could purchase a Blaine Gibson maquette of Cinderella, posters by John Hench and Herb Ryman, and a Ken Anderson and Sam McKim concept painting for Haunted Mansion. Do note that you were ordering directly from The Disney Gallery inside of Disneyland. Pretty cool!

The prices were still… well… “Disney” back in 1989, but if we take our flux capacitor-equipped DeLoreans back with a full wallet of cash, I think we’d be feeling like we scored, more or less! Have a look!







sb-illustrations said...

Miss Tink'.......The prices shown are wonderful, by today's standards. Here is what really upsets me. I remember looking at original cells from Winnie the Pooh & Robin Hood, that were for sale in the Park. Sometime between 1981-1984, for a guess. The prices of $125 & less were a bit much for our meager incomes. Had we known!!!

Tinker Bell said...

They are great, yes! But not as fantastic as some of those 1950's prices! hehe! I love when my collectibles come with their original price tags. So fun to see!

Major Pepperidge said...

What the heck is a slap bracelet?!

Also, I'm not sure I ever knew that Little Toot was once considered for the canal boats.

Tinker Bell said...

Here's a bit about slap bracelets...

Yeah, I could see Little Toot being a cute escort when the concept was still Canal Boats of the World.