Monday, February 06, 2012

Classroom Safety Posters–Part 1

A few years ago, I was watching an old game show from the 50s, in which the panelists were supposed to guess something significant about a contestant. A man walked out and the object of the game was to guess his unique name. The man’s last name was First. Any guesses to what his first name was?? Anyone? Anyone? 10 points to whomever said “Safety”. Yes… his real, legal, given name was Safety First, and he seemed to take it to heart because he was rather old at the time and looked to be in good shape.

For those of us who did not have parents quite so eager to teach us a life-long lesson, we had school posters to remind us every day. I didn’t have ones that are this great, which is probably a good thing because I would have paid more attention to their great graphics than to my teachers. Most definitely.

They’re colorful and fun, each featuring a Disney character, some relative to the lesson and some not. They’re great fun to look at!

(Note: The few I found in old auction photos have some of the areas cut off. I have restored them as best as possible.)


I love the multi-cultural people depicted in these.


Don’t make Donald mad!



Love this one!


And put Pluto on a leash!


Don’t worry about the old green lights.


I love the styling on this one!




The White Rabbit is watching!


This bus driver looks too cool for school… which is why he became a bus driver!


The truck driver needs a set of these posters.


Steal hats outside, instead.


I don’t remember animals at my school… though there was evidence of cats. They thought the sandbox was one giant litter box…


Evidently the kid in the red does not like the kid in the stripes.


Where you could find me for the bulk of my early childhood!


Remember fire/earthquake drills at school? Any time out of class was a good time!


Some more bus safety.


I hope her mother is taking her shopping after school for some longer skirts!


Mom does not look remotely concerned about her house being on fire. I think she has some explaining to do.

More to come! Check back for part 2! :)


Major Pepperidge said...

Love that "mid-century" illustration style! I have to admit that the Disney characters often feel like they were added as an afterthought, but I am glad they are there!

Tinker Bell said...

They do, and me too! They're so charming!

Dave said...

I think the kid falling over the dog at school is actually the one with the smaller problem, the other kid has an elephant about to yank him by his ankles! Who knows where it may go from there. Remember, Jumbo had some problems with anger management...

At least Mom was able to save the, um, picture of the swing set and the...scroll and all without a scratch from the broken glass!

;-) Thanks for posting this, they are interesting, I haven't seen them before.

Tinker Bell said...

You make a really decent point there, Dave! Especially with Dumbo's penchant for flying, that kid does have a lot more to worry about! ;)