Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Promoting Snow White

Continuing on my whole Old Time Radio thing, which I hope everyone is enjoying...
On the Lux program, Walt Disney guest appeared twice (as I know of). I have already posted the Snow White appearance, but on December 20, 1937, he did another... a sort of promo announcing his upcoming films. It appears at the end of "Song of Songs," with Marlene Dietrich and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (For those of you who want to skip ahead, Walt's portion begins around 47:00.)
The following day after this aired was the premiere of Snow White at the Carthay Circle. Walt sounds excited and eager as he speaks with Cecil B. DeMille. I love how Walt figures making Snow White on his own would have taken him 250 years. It's also quite cute to hear him working in the sponsor, Lux Flakes, into his speech. Walt also figures that the cost of Snow White's wardrobe stands at around $100,000-clearly a huge sum for the time for any one's wardrobe (as it is now!)
Walt goes on to talk a bit about film making and the upcoming feature length films- Bambi, Pinocchio, and Fantasia - as well as the shorts.
It's a very nice little time capsule that I hope you all enjoy!

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