Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Tink on the Small Screen

If all of you out there are like me, you're amazed that there were that many commercials back in the 50's containing Disney characters. Here are some more I haven't seen posted up anywhere before for your viewing pleasure. They appear to be from the holiday season, perhaps in either 1954 or 1955 I'd guess. Be sure to watch both clips as they contain an intro section to the Disneyland television show with all of the sponsors.
"A new cap that unscrews." Now, this has left me wondering what other kind of caps there would have been on the peanut butter jar. Did some just pull off or something? And "Fruit Cocktail Eggnog Pie". How bad does that sound?!

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Davelandweb said...

My mom made Fruit Cocktail Eggnog Pie every Christmas; have to admit it's a favorite, and now I have carried on the tradition. Most people who try it like it! It does sound pretty funky though!