Saturday, April 07, 2012

Thank You for Banking at Mouseketeer National Bank!

There are very few things I regret in life. One of them was not signing up for Partners Credit Union when I had the chance as a cast member. But, I have found something better. The Mouseketeer National Bank. Behold the charm!

This fantastic set includes a book of checks, a passbook, and two covers to hold them both in. I’m currently trying to find a check company that will allow me to design my checks to this extent because I’m a little too crazy about them!

I can just envision how cute a Mouseketeer National Bank would be. The tellers all wearing mouse ears with their names across their sweaters instead of name tags. Mickey himself would be the bank manager, the door upon exiting would chime a tune “M-O-UUUUU-SSSSS-EEEEE”, and if you ever bounced a check Jimmie Dodd would be there with a lesson-filled song about being financially responsible.

That’s how banking should be.



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