Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Disney Cottages

I found this interesting little article that I thought to share. It’s about the eight Disney-leased cottages in Los Feliz. Something you don’t hear about very often.

“…this property is significant in the history of Hollywood. When Disney's artists lived here in the 1930s, they produced the world's first full-length animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," using these buildings as models for the dwarfs' cottage.”

For more photos, check out this Flickr stream.


Aren’t they charming? :)


sb-illustrations said...

Miss Tink'........As I put on your last post. "You always come up with interesting stuff. Definitely out of the norm' posts." As always, "Ta!"


Tinker Bell said...

Why, thank you! I figure everyone else does a fine job at covering the Disney goings on. I'll take the Disney went ons. ;)

sb-illustrations said...

Miss Tink'......Your different posts, are like the way we go on vacation (geez', that was a long time ago....oops, sorry). They are like travelling "off season". Usually more fun & interesting. Cheers!

Tinker Bell said...

Steve, you are so sweet! Thank you!! :D

sb-illustrations said...

No, Miss Tink', Thank you!.........Why does this remind me of a Chip & Dale routine?? Is it obvious that my week is starting out a bit s l o w.........Steve

Tinker Bell said...

Your week and my mental processes!