Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney on Ancestry… and in my own?

Disney 1910 census is allowing free viewing of their newly updated 1910 US Census records through February 21. If you have not caught the genealogy bug as I have this won’t mean much to you, but as a “just for fun” I have attached the page listing Walt & family when they were living back in Marceline. It’s pretty neat to take a look at!

As a side note… in my own ancestry lives a family named Swan from Ireland and Scotland. A family of Swans lives in Walt Disney’s ancestry, too. One such Swan, Maria (who married Arundel Elias Disney), is mentioned in both of our ancestries and I’d like to find out if they are one in the same and/or to which Swan family everyone belongs. Since was no help to me last year on this matter, due entirely to lack of records from Ireland and Scotland, I’m wondering if anyone out there has done some more investigative searching into Walt’s genealogy, mainly the Swan family. If you have and would not mind sharing, I would love that dearly! Shoot me an email… art (at)

Have any of my readers connected their lineage to Walt’s?

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