Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finding Donald in Unexpected Places

Whether it be on the side of a bomber or marching downstairs in a Ginger Rogers’ film, Donald Duck is one versatile celebrity.  Sometimes, you just don’t know when he’ll turn up!

At first, I was quite surprised to see Dick York (AKA best Darrin Stephens) in this 1945 World War II training film  highlighting insomnia… but then very surprised to see our favorite duck appearing in what I feel is the most memorable part of the whole 20ish minute film.

You’ll all remember the short (“Early to Bed”, 1941 ), but you’ll probably find its usage very clever in the film, which once again proves that animation was so helpful and effective in training “our boys”. I’m pretty sure Samantha could have been very effective as well… one twitch and their insomnia battles would be over! Where’s a witch when you  need one? ;)


sb-illustrations said...

Hmmmm ?!? .................That comment brought to you by +/- 2 hours per night of sleep, for the past several weeks....Cheers!

Tinker Bell said...

hehe! Seems to be going around!