Sunday, January 25, 2009

Melody Time For Pecos Bill

That title is what Wheel of Fortune would call the "Before and After" topic. Perhaps not a very good one, but I do my best around here! ;)

Here's a nice little layout on Pecos Bill from the Disney classic "Melody Time". I like things like this because it's just not something you'd ever see in a movie/celebrity magazine anymore. Pecos Bill in prose, with cut out photos. Simplicity and sweetness.

Some people aren't big fans of the compilation style Disney feature, but I often find myself watching them. There's something sweet and also quite relaxing about them. I've enjoyed them since I was a kid, and I know I always will. Entertainment and art is wonderful no matter how you slice it.

For a little something extra, just because I really like to showcase how relevant Disney films were back in the day, here is one of Photoplay's many write ups on what to see (and in some cases what is not so bad to miss) in theatres. This Platter Patter encourages you to not miss Melody Time. My only curiosity with this is that The Andrews Sisters are not mentioned regarding "Little Toot" but instead The Starlighters with Don Wilson (of The Jack Benny Show fame) narrating. Why is this? In doing a bit of research I found a YouTube file that plays an old record from 1948 of "Little Toot" completely narrated by Wilson with the backing vocals by The Starlighters. (Incidentally, this is really quite charming and you shouldn't miss it!)

So, to the experts out there, was "Little Toot" originally to be a narrated piece in Melody Time? And if so, what occurred to make it entirely musical and how were The Andrews Sisters brought in on the project? I'd love to find out.

Have a great week, everyone! :)

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